Mandatory component for people with disabilities.

This specialized application makes your project adapted to the needs of disabled people, i.e. it has the following facilities:

a) After clicking the appropriate button, the graphic design will change to a version with high contrast and larger font.

b) A tool will appear in the project interface that allows you to enlarge or reduce the visible elements of the graphic template and text font (WebGL).

c) The CMS4VR system will enable the Administrator to add a voice-over to any text description.

d) The graphic template interface will include a button switching to the extended accessibility mode. In this mode, the browser (compatible with the appropriate technology) will be able to:

  • read text descriptions and titles automatically (speakers or headphones required)
  • controlling the basic functions of the virtual tour using voice commands (a microphone and precise pronouncing of appropriate commands are required. The project will include an accessibility policy in which it will be described which phrases trigger the appropriate function.)

e) Voice control. Using special voice commands, the user will be able to navigate the virtual tour. The commands will allow you to control the game at a low level of difficulty. For example, the "left" command will rotate the view 45 degrees to the left. The "next" command will load the next panorama in the project.

The condition for this function to work is that the commands are spoken correctly, the microphone is working and the browser is allowed access to the microphone.

A unique and innovative component.

Adapting the online project for people with disabilities is required in most projects implemented for offices and public institutions.

Having this facility repeatedly increases the value of the offer and outclasses the competition.