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Here's what you get in the CMS4VR System 


The CMS4VR system works on your server, which is why you are fully independent. You do not have to pay any license fees to anyone. You decide when, how and how many projects to build.


The entire CMS4VR system is based on the best HTML5 solutions. The back-end and main design uses only proven and safe solutions that guarantee speed, reliability and innovation.


This is one of the most important features of the CMS4VR system. As the first independent system it fully supports Search Engine Optimization. The more content you enter, the more Google will crawl.

VR/XR - full compatibility

The CMS4VR fully supports the latest solutions from the WebVR industry. The advanced system supports the display of panoramas, navigation, POI and 3D sound.

Online management!

The key issue! You manage everything online (or locally if you use Xampp). All you need is a browser and the Internet to take full advantage of the CMS4VR system. You manage everything online. 

360 video

You can add any number of spherical videos to your project.

The Flat video scenes

Ability to add any MP4 movies to the project.

Your own thumbnail for the scene

You can send your own thumbnail for each scene (360 panorama, flat panorama, 360 video, flat video, depth panorama).

Dark Mode

There is no need to comment on this great feature 😉

POI video

The ability to add an mp4 file from the media repository. Works in VR mode!

POI download

It allows you to download any file from the selected address directly from the server or project resources indicated in the media section.

POI pdf

It allows you to open any documentation in a PDF file.

POI label

You can set fixed text on the scene in 3d space. The POI label will be visible immediately after loading the scene. This type of POI is used to describe the places on the panorama. This POI works perfectly in VR mode!

The Gamification section

A component that allows you to add fun-filled solutions to your project.

The Autodescription component

Innovation! A solution for enabling an automatic lector that reads titles and descriptions. A perfect solution for the visually impaired.

The Nadir module

Ability to add your own nadir file. A large number of settings.

Bootstrap system

Do we have something more to add? The CMS4VR system fully supports the latest standards, is lightweight, flexible, responsive, mobile and secure. Everything for your convenience.

Up to 45 foreign languages

The CMS4VR system fully supports multilingualism. You can build a project in as many as 45 languages. Additional amenities include components that allow you to fully complement the content before publishing. You can also set the default language of the project.

Over Pixel Perfect 5000 POI icons

A great innovation. Instead of 6 icons, you now have more than 5000. We do not use any graphics, that's why our POI icons are Pixel Perfect. Of course, the icons are visible in VR/XR mode.


Optimization, encryption and specialized libraries ensure fast project management. The CMS4VR System is so fast that the server has to keep up with it. 


The Google Analytics statistics mechanism is implemented in the CMS4VR system, which monitors several hundred parameters for you.

Precise statistics are crucial for proper marketing analysis. CMS4VR provides this.

Search Engine

Each content you enter is indexed and integrated with the intuitive search engine. Enter 3 characters and the search engine will do the rest and display a list of links to panoramas, POIs, etc.

Works on your server

This is one of the most important parameter. The entire system and any number of your projects can be found on your server or your clients. You promote your domain, brand, logo, etc.

Pixel perfect

Are you also irritated by blurry icons, graphics, photos? The CMS4VR will let you forget about it! Each of your icons, text, photos and graphics will be displayed perfectly. An image that is sharp and as perfect as you deserve!

Support for many types of panoramas

The CMS4VR system perfectly supports all modern types of panoramas; spherical, flat and stereographic (3D). You have unlimited creative possibilities.

No system limitations in resolution

If you dream about breaking records in the panorama resolution - the CMS4VR system will deal with them perfectly. We do not use any system restrictions. It all depends on your server.

Advanced POI system

A unique and the most extensive POI system from all systems in the world. One and a half decades of experience has allowed us to build such a tool that will support the work of every professional.

The POI manager is one of the most important components of the CMS4VR system.

Developer, Administrator and Editor support

This is a whole series of administrative solutions allowing for efficient project management by people at different levels of access. The CMS4VR very effectively supports and helps everyone who uses it. It's hundreds of complicated solutions to make you have an easy task.

Great cooperation with 360 cameras

All you need is a smartphone, a 360 camera and the Internet. You can build a professional 360 projects in the field. You do not have to spend countless hours coding and machining.

The CMS4VR system is designed for your convenience and comfort. You can create your unique 360 project in a few minutes.

One-click system update

Do you want to update the CMS4VR system? You do not have to download any files, you do not have to upload anything to the server and especially forget about the cumbersome update process.

The entire CMS4VR system can be updated with one click. Everything is happening by itself.

Updates are free 🙂

Many templates

The CMS4VR system has the ability to add and use many graphic templates that are specially designed for your convenience and industry. Systematically, we will provide more and more graphic templates for the needs of the real estate market, entertainment, tourism, advertising, etc. Give us an idea.

The Auto-tour module

The auto-tour module adds dynamics to your project. All you have to do is turn it on to let your project display panoramas by itself in the order you set in CMS4VR.

You can control the rotation speed of the panorama.

Global POI Settings

You can set default POI values. Background size, icon size, background rotation, rounding of corners, or swapping primary colors.

Replacing the panorama with a new one

From now on, you can replace any panorama. Without giving a title, description, etc. The new panorama will keep all the settings of the previous panorama.

EXIF support

If there is geolocation or heading/azimuth data in your panorama's EXIF, this data will be automatically added to the system. You don't have to set anything up.

Support for WebGL rendering in VR/XR mode

A great information for all VR/XR enthusiasts. This solution improves the efficiency of the 360 project many times over.

Facebook support

Integration with the most popular social network service includes many levels. From OGTags support, through the extensive Share component, to the possibility of displaying your facebook profile in a sliding project window. Enjoy.

Full support for 3D sounds

This unique component provides support for your sound or voice overlays with full support for 3D surround. You have two separate sound modes with additional settings that will take your project to a whole new sound level.

Multiple language versions of the system

Especially for your convenience and comfort of your customers, the whole base is available in several languages.

Multi floorplans support

An excellent innovative tool that allows you to add and manage any number of floor plans. The component is perfectly suited to the development industry and beyond.

In addition, it is fully compatible with the radar, which will significantly improve navigation.

The Amazon Polly Lector

Innovation! The CMS4VR system can speak 24 languages! From now on your text can automatically read 47 lecturers.

An excellent amenity on many levels.

The thumbnails creator

A great solution. You create thumbnails for panoramas yourself. They are automatically compatible with the entire Share and OG Tags system.

Google Maps support

With the Google Maps, you can show the location of your panorama with an accuracy of 1 meter. The seat finder will greatly simplify and speed up your work.

Advanced Share System

Thanks to the full support of OG Tags, you can share the project and friendly links to individual elements and POIs.

The Share system supports all graphics resolutions in social media systems like,, etc.


A great tool for orientation. The radar on the Google map will not only show the direction but also the angle of view.

Remember that our radar perfectly supports floor plans!

For it to work properly, you need to set North in the POI editor.

Automatic calculation of the distance between panoramas

A great tool for navigating between panoramas. The whole is automatically calculated based on geographical coordinates.

Full support for OG Tags

This important parameter has received full support. Each panorama has its own description, title and thumbnail visible when only someone shares a link to the project.

Everything is adapted to SEO and the latest standards. Including multilingual support.

Individual template settings

If you are not afraid to change some of the simple settings in the template code, you can make many changes in the template's appearance.

All settings are saved in a special file: settings.xml

Dedicated media galleries

You can create any number of galleries. Galleries can be used to display in specific panoramas or as a gallery POI.

Precise interface scaling

Thanks to the benefits of WebGL, you can scale the whole virtual tour interface with a specially designed tool. This will allow you to accurately match the appearance and size of the template to your preferences and the size of your smartphone. The tool is available in selected templates.

Managing display order

In the CMS4VR system you can control the display order of categories, panoramas in each category, photos and videos in galleries, lists of foreign languages of the project. Thanks to this, you can set the display order of the entire content of the project very precisely.

Support for youtube and vimeo

If you want to put a movie in POI on the panorama, and you do not want to use, you can choose

All you have to do is paste a sharelink from this site and the video will be displayed.

Text POI

Do you want to describe any object visible on the panorama? It's perfect - you have an effective tool for it. Text POI is fully compatible with multilingualism and VR mode. It's a total innovation.

Photo POI

Pin the photo POI on the panorama to show what you want. Innovation - the component fully supports mobile devices (you can add photos from smartphone even if you are in outdoor) and is supported in VR mode with 3D effect.

Video POI

This type of POI displays youtube and vimeo videos in a popup.

Popup POI

Thanks to this solution, you can easily display any website in an attractive window. All you have to do is place a special POI on the panorama to display the store, product, company or any other page.

Lensflare POI - 9 types

An absolute unique! It's a great component. You can choose from up to 9 flares advanced version with additional settings. Add splendor to your panoramas. Works in the VR Mode.

See more

Anamorphic Lensflare POI - 9 types

Your panoramas will not only gain additional depth.

You will give them a cinematic look.

Audio 3D POI

Add sound in the panorama space. Full 3D and depth support. You can control many sound parameters such as emission angle, repetition, type (ambient, button) etc.

Surround 3D sound in CMS4VR system works in VR!

Gallery POI

Place the button on the panorama which will open the media gallery.

OBJECT 3d poi

Place 3D images. Scans, models, etc.

The module supports and

krpano action POI

POI for special applications. Thanks to this POI you can create unlimited creative possibilities.

For advanced users.

Friendly links for POIs

Selected POIs types have their own friendly link so that you can share content with friends or on social media or for business purposes.

Use your smartphone's dictaphone and camera

Want to record a audio note outside? Take advantage of the native functions of your smartphone: voice recorder, camera or audio recorder. If your server supports ffmpeg processing, you can send any file format. Your server will process them alone in a cloud of an mp3 format and add to the project.

Advanced Stickers component

Social system that allows for unlimited fun and advergaming. It allows precise placement of virtual stickers in 3D panorama space.

Fun options are endless. In addition, each composition is unique and has its own private link. Check it yourself.

Privacy Policy module

If the legal requirements of your country require it - you can create and save a privacy policy or any regulations for both the back office and the front of the project.

The module supports multilingualism. The privacy policy will be displayed before the project is loaded.

Support for our customers

Our clients already know this. We provide professional support and assistance. You can contact us and we answer 🙂

The CMS4VR System

348 EUR


411 USD


313 GBP


7-days Satisfaction Guarantee!!! * 

VIP ADDON (formerly Branding Free Licence)

Branding free

The CMS4VR annotation disappears from your projects.

Branding of the System

You can add your own logo with a hyperlink to the backend of the CMS4VR system.

Depthmaps support (*.depth, *.png)

Full immersion. If you've used Oculus Quest, for example, you know it's an absolute, wonderful innovation. You can send a depth file (*.depth or *.png) for each panorama.


System defaults are set to the depthmap from Blender.


As depthmaps *.stl are ten times larger than depthmap *.depth, we recommend converting STL files to DEPTH.

You can do it for free here: STL to DEPTH converter online


Dollhouse view

Dollhouse display showing the entire view generated from the depthmap.

Anagliph view

A great solution for those who have anaglyph glasses instead of VR. The system will switch the panorama view with depthmap so you can see the space in 3D.

6-dof support

Support not only for rotation in left-right, up-down, but mainly for the movement in the front-back, up-down, right-left.

Put on the VR headset and walk around the safe zone as if you were there. 6-dof is the most perfect form of immersion.

Fly-to module

This module allows you to navigate the depthmap panorama using the keys. You can fly or walk. There are two modes of movement. Their selection is made in the project interface window.

Multiple panoramas batch processing

You can upload many panoramas to the project at the same time and the server will process them one by one.

Zip batch processing

Possibility to send multiple ZIP panoramas created with Krpano Tools.

Depth POI

Absolute innovation! You can place POIs on the panorama at a certain distance. You have the tools for that.

Remember not to put the POI behind the wall 😉

Depth POI checker

A tool for checking which POIs are behind a depthmap (wall). Perfect for precise setting of POI distances in space.

Depth sound support

You can place the sound source at a specific point in the 3D space of the panorama. This audio will keep its full immersion, especially as you roam the stage in VR.

Saving your own POI styles (for session)

Instead of recreating your favorite POI styles, you can save them now for one click to add to the panorama. This perfectly facilitates and speeds up the work.

Facebook Chat Plugin

A perfect tool for communication and maintaining business relationships. You can add your own Facebook Chat to each project. If your virtual tour is going to work for you, this is the perfect solution.

Privileged support

VIP customers have priority for support and assistance.

VIP ADDON for the CMS4VR System

490 EUR


545 USD


416 GBP

About Krpano

If you do not have a Krpano license, you can get it here:

Terms and Conditions

1. All copyrights to CMS4VR are exclusively owned by the HISELL Piotr Jakubowski, Wólka Podleśna 34, 36-002 Jasionka, Poland, PL8132555555.

2. The CMS4VR software is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties.

3. This license is a legal and binding agreement between you and the HISELL. Using the CMS4VR software signifies that you have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions of this license agreement. Any unauthorized use of CMS4VR shall result in immediate termination of this license and may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution.

4. You may not modify, clone, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or create derivative works based upon CMS4VR.

5. Your CMS4VR license grants you the right to sell and distribute projects containing your licensed version of CMS4VR.

6. Third parties may not use your licensed version of CMS4VR to create new projects, including modified versions of your projects.

7. You may not rent, lease, lend or sublicense CMS4VR.

8. The CMS4VR entry in the context menu may not be removed, suppressed, altered, disabled or covered in any way. Does not apply to the Branding Free version.

9. CMS4VR is provided "As Is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including any warranty of quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will the HISELL be liable for loss of data, costs of procurement of substitute goods or services or any special, consequential or incidental damages, under any cause of action and regardless of whether or not the HISELL have been advised of the possibility of such damage. This limitation will apply notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy provided herein. In any event the VR System Studio will have liability arising out of this agreement.

10. All rights not expressly granted here are reserved by the HISELL.

11. CMS4VR software can not be acquired, installed and used on the territory of the Republic of Poland without the written consent of the owner of CMS4VR.

12. The exclusive CMS4VR distributor in Poland is HISELL, which has an exclusive license to use CMS4VR in Poland.

13. Any violation of the license may result in the deprivation of rights to further use of CMS4VR with immediate effect and the necessary legal consequences.

14. Withdrawal of the license will result in the lack of access to the CMS4VR system and an appropriate message in the virtual walks window.

15. In extreme cases, the CMS4VR system owner may request the User to document the use of the system in accordance with the provisions in the license.

16. The krpano license is not included. If you don't already have a krpano license, you can purchase one from the website:


* VAT: Depending on your country or company status VAT may be added to the price. In the Share‑It order form select your country and enter your VAT/UID number to remove the VAT. The correct price will be shown on the next page in the order form.


The ordering process and the license-key generation and delivering is fully automated by Share‑It / MyCommerce. After the ordering, the license keys will be generated and sent to you via mail, depending on the payment method either within a few minutes or at least within 48 hours.


For further questions about the ordering and payment process, please have at look here:

Share-It Customer Care Center.


*Terms of return.

1. The return of the purchase amount should be reported within 7 days from the date of purchase.

2. The payment will be refunded only if no single project built using CMS4VR will be available online.

3. If any point of the Terms and Condition has been violated is not entitled to reimbursement.

4. The return will take place as soon as possible.