List of updates

from version 3.0.0

Ver 3.1.0

We have added the Japanese version of the backend.

Ver 3.0.5

- Is_readable () improvement for Amazon servers.

- Fix the panorama swap component.

This can now be done if krpanotools is not running on the server.

Ver 3.0.4

- General fixes

Ver 3.0.2

- The ability to control the size of the lens flare.

If you think the flare effect is too weak or too strong - you can now control it in the POI editor.

- The ability to control the transparency of the lens flare.

- 9 new types of anamorphic lens flares.

A perfect cinematic look.

- DEPTH control of the anamorphic lens  flares.

Control the flare distance from the camera. Perfect effects in VR.

- Ability to set the number of start characters in the search engine (settings.xml - search_engine.start_digit).

By default, after typing 3 characters, the search engine started working. Now you can even set one character.

- Dynamic preview for POIs to panorama have been restored (except VR mode)

- FIX - edit audio POI

- FIX - conflict between POIs when arrow hotspot mod is enabled

- FIX - no POI editing on flat panoramas

- FIX - embed module, fixed width / height


Ver 3.0.1

- Additional panorama cutting mode - NORMAL

The NORMAL mode cuts the panorama into 6 cubes for PC, mobile and 6 cubes for VR, instead of hundreds or thousands of small files.

Perfect for those with limited files on the server.

- Other improvements and optimization


Ver 3.0.0

- Complete new Version of the system

- The new version of Krpano

- Other improvements and optimization