List of updates

from version 3.0.0

Ver 6.0

Version 6.0

1. New POI type for the category

  • Loading the first scene in the target category
  • Loading a list of scenes in the target category

2. New scene editing panel in POI editor

3. Possibility to edit exposure in the following ranges

  • Exposure
  • Lights
  • Shadows
  • Filterrange
  • Masking
  • Quality

4. Possibility to improve the sharpness of the scene in the following areas:

  • Strength
  • Range
  • Quality
  • Zoom-based Sharpening

5. Possibility to activate the Snow / Rain plug-in in the following areas:

  • Flakes
  • Floor
  • Speed
  • Spreading
  • Shake
  • Speedvariance
  • Ground level
  • Winddir
  • Power of the rain
  • Raindrops alpha
  • Imagescale (possibility to select your own graphics from the media)
  • Added lightning bolt for rain mode
  • Plugin documentation here

6. New version of the Main POI System application for POI management


Ver 5.4.0

Version 5.4.0

1. Automatic translation of phrases in the e-ticket window.

2. Changing the server for the Live Conference plugin to remove connection timeouts.

Ver 5.3.7

Version 5.3.7

Possibility to use two language versions for Chinese.

Ver 5.3.6

Version 5.3.6

Improved shifting of POI space (video/photo/text).

Ver 5.3.5

Version 5.3.5

1. Language version fixes in the admin panel for the Korean version.

2. Changing the phrases Token to e-ticket

3. Fixed a front-end project display error that could occur in rare situations.

4. Improved language versions in the POI editor.

5. Improved editing of POI photo space, POI video space and POI text space.

Ver 5.3.4

Version 5.3.4

1. Fixed 'target view' for panoramas with modified NORTH value. The bug was that the target panorama was loading a different starting view from the POI preview popup into that panorama.

2. In the POI editor, passing additional parameters for POIs from the style list has been added. Additional parameters are:

  • Background color
  • Icon font color
  • Depth (DEPTH)
  • Icon rotation.
Ver 5.3.3

Version 5.3.3

  1. Fixed an issue with removing the Audio add-on in a gallery item
  2. Editor POI optimization
  3. Changing the Twitter icon to an X
  4. Fixed an error in overwriting the prealign value by the krpano droplet when the panorama file has a NORTH value in the EXIF
Ver 5.3.2

Version 5.3.2

Fixed XML file not being generated correctly in titles (extremely rare situations)

Ver 5.3.1

Version 5.3.1

1. Improved map performance in the pre-installed Rubee template.

2. Improvement of the SEO model.

3. Improvement of the new gallery module for php version 8.2.

4. Serious optimization of the APPS&GAMES component. The whole thing loads several hundred percent faster, especially with several applications.

5. Fixed multi-upload of panoramas from a ZIP file for VIP licenses.

6. In templates, the floating menu effect in VR/XR mode has been improved.

7. The VR/XR off button has been removed from the templates.



Ver 5.3.0

Version 5.3.0

1. Ability to disable optimization of graphic files sent to media.

2. Fix for the krpano droplet bug in php min 8.0 when shell_exec is not working.

3. Fix for screen orientation for IOS 16.4 in VR mode.

4. CSS style corrections.

5. Ability to add POI icons in PNG/JPG format from the media repository.

6. Release of mass panorama uploads for all license types.

7. Option to add panoramas as a single equick or flat file (dedicated for 360 camera files).

8. Gallery component has new options:

  - Main audio for the gallery (in multiple languages).

  - Main description for the gallery (in multiple languages).

  - Audio for each gallery item (in multiple languages) Description for each gallery item (in multiple languages).

  - Changing the order of object display in the Gallery.

9. Updated versions of templates.

10. New and improved Main POI System application.

11. New krpano engine and plugins - changes.

12. Enhanced SEO for search engines. Each scene and POI in every language is indexed, so take care of the appropriate titles and descriptions for scenes.

13. New WCAG2.1 Application for VIP customers link:

  - Facilities for the disabled using the keyboard and voice control.

  - Ability to define custom phrases and keywords in application settings.

  - Application necessary to meet the requirements of the accessibility declaration.


After updating the project, it is necessary to update the template dedicated to version 5.3.0.

Templates available for download:

  • E-com
  • Nova
  • Rubee
  • Timi-super
  • Timi
  • Yupeek-multi
  • Yupeek

Most of the front-end code and a significant part of the back-end code have been rewritten and updated. Many components are entirely new and now operate differently than in versions up to 5.2.1. However, we did not want to block the possibility of remote updates for 5.x.x projects, despite file inconsistencies.

After installation/update, we recommend routinely running the database consistency check system. Just click on all 11 menu tabs on the left side - it's that simple.


Ver 5.2.0
  1. New Main POI System app
  2. In POI space, there is the possibility of activating the stereography mode for VR mode
  3. Minor improvements and bug fixes to the app
Ver 5.1.1
  1. Fix for proper handling of some panoramas ZIP
  2. Correction of CSS admin panel
Ver 5.1.0
  1. New module for POI photospace, POI videospace, and POI textspace dedicated to panoramas without depthmap
  2. Fix for conversion of jpeg file names to jpg
  3. New Main POI system App
Ver 5.0.0

1. Tag system

2. Each template gets its main font from its own repository. There are no references to external servers

3. Filtering panoramas on the list by name or tag

4. Ability to create a multi-category tree

5. Ability to remove templates from the system

6. APPS & GAMES with upload, individual settings

7. Link copy button in the media next to thumbnails

8. Statistics for Motomo

9. Google Analytics version 4.0

10. Corrected version of the privacy policy window

11. New Access keys component

12. New DEPTHMAP center setting

13. Possibility to use png files in the POI system

14. Ability to change the order of the floorplan

15. Possibility to upload site plans as a png file

16. New UI look of the admin panel

17. Module disabling globally titles of panoramas (some templates)

18. Cooperation with php 8.1

19. New Yupeek-multi template that supports multi-menu up to 8 levels

20. SEO system version 2.0

21. Gallery POI includes PNG files as well as MP4 video files

22. New POIs

  a. Photo space

  b. Video space

  c. Text space

  d. Panorama wrapper

23. Description available for all POIs in each language separately

24. Audiodescription fully covers all POIs with description

25. Lithuanian language added to the admin panel

26. New module for setting the north for panoramas

27. A module for automatically generating POIs for panoramas, based on the location of LAT and LNG on Google maps

28. A module that automatically generates POIs for panoramas placed on a common situational plan

29. A tool for calculating the scale of the situational plan. The scale is used to calculate the distance between scenes on a common situational plan

30. Tool for correcting the plan azimuth in relation to the north

31. The search engine system enriched with a tag system

32. The search covers all POI types that have a title in a given language

33. The search engine was accelerated and developed

34. New VR-menu taking into account the depths of the categories

35. New native applications

  a. Main POI System

  b. Gamebox List

  c. Baloons Game

  d. Puzzle Game

36. An improved system for migrating the finished project, eg to the client's server

krpano engine upgrade to krpano 1.20.11 (build 2022-03-07)

37. A dozen or so minor and major repairs of the system engine and templates

Ver 4.2.0
  • New Live Conference plugin component
  • Moving the preloader to CSS file.
  • Extended photo modification in the text editor (Admin panel). You can add attributes like link, class etc. to IMG element.
  • Added button in the text editor that cleans text from unnecessary elements from MS Word and similar
  • New Krpano engine version 1.20.10
  • New Krpano plugins in version 1.20.10.
Ver 4.1.0
  • Improved drag&drop in the quick POI editor module. The bug was that POIs were added by dragging a POI marker in the thumbnails list.
  • Automatic removal of floor POIs is now set for distances over 10 meters.
  • Change in the gameplay component
  • New game: The Balloons
  • All games now have Google Analytics statistics that count the user's points and playing time.
  • The game state is automatically saved so the user can continue collecting points at another time. It can be manually reset.
  • Improvedc the Video360 Scene Creation Functionality.
  • Added protection against blocking the UPLOAD page when uploading very large image files.
Ver 4.0.6

• Quick fix for displaying panorama list with php 7.0

Ver 4.0.5

• POI editor for Floor POI - fixed

Ver 4.0.4

• The POI editor. New FLOOR POI

• The POI editor. New Floor POI Positioning tools such as:

    - Horizontal shift mode

    - Vertical shift mode

    - Reset POI level to default

    - Setting the size of the POI

    - Resetting the scale

    - Delete POI

• The POI editor. Change of the POI adding mechanism from the thumbnail level. From now on, you can locate POIs much faster using the drag and drop method

• Change of the mechanism of mass processing of panoramas on the server. Just for greater stability and performance

• Resetting of the POI settings – fixed

• When shipping the ZIP scene did not get the location and heading correctly - fixed

• Flickering bars on lists in admin panel - fixed.

• The management of own brand in the back office was improved. Png files can now be used

• The data migration mechanism during the update has been improved, in particular for POI data

• New OG: TAGS for facebook and twitter

• POI panorama preview to a video scene does not start the soundtrack.

• New templates that support Floor POI

Ver 4.0.3
  • The process of migrating POIs from version 3 to version 4 of the system has been improved. The amendment applies to photo, popup and video POIs that were created in the third version of the system.
  • Fixed the cloning process that bypassed the gamification component.
Ver 4.0.2
  • Minor fix to the gamification component that did not update for customers without the VIP add-on
Ver 4.0.1
  • The new system version (4.0.1) fixes a problem caused by an outdated SQLITE plugin on the client server.
Ver 4.0.0


• The ability to create 360 video scenes

• The ability to create FLAT video scenes

• Possibility to send multiple panoramas to the project. Multiple panoramas batch processing *

• Possibility to send multiple ZIP panoramas created with Krpano Tools *

• Ability to instantly rename directly in the list of panoramas and categories.

• Possibility to upload your own thumbnail to the scene

• Possibility to download the latest version of the system as a ZIP file for manual update from a local disk

• New language for the system – Portuguese

Dark mode 🙂

• POI video - the ability to add an mp4 file from the media repository

• POI video - mp4 works in VR mode

• The POI video mode has its own navigation interface, also in VR mode

• New POI download. You can select a file to be downloaded from the project's repository. You can indicate a different file for each language version

• New POI pdf. You can select a PDF file from the project repository. It will be shown in the project in a popup window. You can indicate a different PDF file for each language version

• The POI label. You can set fixed text on the scene in 3d space. The POI label will be visible immediately after loading the scene. This type of POI is used to describe the places on the panorama. This POI works perfectly in VR mode!

 - Size
 - Rotation
 - Anchor
 - Css text

Gamification section added

 - first game: Puzzle Cubic

New POI settings

 - Hide panorama popup in VR mode (on / off)
 - Streetview effect (on / off)
 - Static panorama preview (on / off)
 - Streetview POI move effect (number)
 - Block moveto POI (on / off)
 - Hide panorama popup in normal mode (on / off)
 - Ignore preview custom view POI (on / off)

Autodescription component (!). In case the browser supports machine reading. Possibility of setting:

 - on / off
 - Volume
 - Pitch
 - Rate
 - Read automaticly

Nadir module

 - on / off
 - Current nadir file
 - Tooltip nadir
 - URL on onclick
 - Scale
 - Static or rotary mode

• New versions of templates dedicated to the fourth version of the CMS4VR system



• New version of Krpano engine and plugins (1.20.9)

The depth module also supports OBJ and STL files

• Change in zip panorama creation. From now on, use Krpano Tools and the Make VTour tab to create a ZIP panoramas package.

• In the POI popup you can add an individual link and title for each language version

• In the POI object you can add an individual link and title for each language version

• In the POI photo you can add an individual title and description in each language version

• In the POI video, you can add an individual title and description in each language version

• Social share icons changed to not be blocked by plugins like Adblock or Ublock and similar

• Improving the editor POI algorithms

• The existing proprietary CMS4VR MAKE SINGLE SCENE (VR-OPT) droplet.bat is no longer supported



Development of the gamification section

New POIs
- Livepano
- 3d photo
- Polygonal area
- Floor POI

Automatic POI generation for panoramas

Automatic generation of POI floor in Dollhouse

Live Conference plugin for live video conferencing


* Available in the VIP add-on

Ver 3.1.0

We have added the Japanese version of the backend.

Ver 3.0.5

- Is_readable () improvement for Amazon servers.

- Fix the panorama swap component.

This can now be done if krpanotools is not running on the server.

Ver 3.0.4

- General fixes

Ver 3.0.2

- The ability to control the size of the lens flare.

If you think the flare effect is too weak or too strong - you can now control it in the POI editor.

- The ability to control the transparency of the lens flare.

- 9 new types of anamorphic lens flares.

A perfect cinematic look.

- DEPTH control of the anamorphic lens  flares.

Control the flare distance from the camera. Perfect effects in VR.

- Ability to set the number of start characters in the search engine (settings.xml - search_engine.start_digit).

By default, after typing 3 characters, the search engine started working. Now you can even set one character.

- Dynamic preview for POIs to panorama have been restored (except VR mode)

- FIX - edit audio POI

- FIX - conflict between POIs when arrow hotspot mod is enabled

- FIX - no POI editing on flat panoramas

- FIX - embed module, fixed width / height


Ver 3.0.1

- Additional panorama cutting mode - NORMAL

The NORMAL mode cuts the panorama into 6 cubes for PC, mobile and 6 cubes for VR, instead of hundreds or thousands of small files.

Perfect for those with limited files on the server.

- Other improvements and optimization


Ver 3.0.0

- Complete new Version of the system

- The new version of Krpano

- Other improvements and optimization