If you have any concerns or doubts about whether you can handle it,

we'll prove now that you can.

Getting started is incredibly simple.

It's just another field of photography.

And with the CMS4VR system and a 360 camera, even a teenager can do it.

Creating virtual tours is easier than most moderately demanding photography sessions. Yes, as we mentioned – it's still photography, though in a slightly different style.

But it's still a field in which you're skilled.

It's easier than you think.

It's easier than you think.

  • You don't need to prepare anything for the session if you don't want to.

  • No scenography.

  • No huge amount of equipment and lighting.

  • You don't need a makeup artist, models, or a lighting technician.
CMS4VR - how to start

Its easy

You complete the session in three steps:


Camera setup

Set the 360 camera on a tripod where you want to take the 360 photo.



Turn on the app on your phone to connect it with the camera (but even this is not required if you use a self-timer).


Sending 360 photos to the CMS4VR system

Press the button in the app or on the camera. Done.

That's all.
The panorama 360 is READY.

Now, you just move the 360 camera to another location and repeat the steps.

There are plenty of free videos on YouTube on how to do it. You can master it in fifteen minutes.

You'll quickly become adept. Completing a session for a virtual tour might take you just a few minutes. Yes. Just a few minutes.

You don't have to edit anything! No Lightroom. No Photoshop. No retouching.

The camera's software does everything for you.

That means – you can edit the panorama if you want. But you don't have to.

Then, you just log into the CMS4VR system and upload the 360 photos to the system. The rest is done by our application. It builds the entire structure of the virtual tour.



You can send panoramas directly from your phone. Yes – you can operate the CMS4VR system from your phone.

This means that you can generate the first version of the virtual tour ON-SITE with the client and show them the results. They will surely be delighted.

Isn't that wonderful?

You can do it!

Remember how much you had to learn to become a photographer?

Doing what we propose won't even take a fraction of the time needed to learn how to take good photos.

Go! We believe in you. It's time for you to become proficient in using a tool that has brought us and our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.