How to earn up to $32,500 on a single project

as a photographer in just one month?

We make you a promise that we will show you how it can be done!

Some time ago, we grabbed coffee with our friend Greg, a seasoned photographer with years of experience and an impressive portfolio.

Before we even finished our cups, Greg popped a question.

"Do you guys still take pictures?"

"Of course," we replied. "Who doesn't these days? Everyone's got a camera in their pocket."

"That’s not what I meant," Greg was obviously driving at something else – "Do you take pictures for money? Do you have any gigs?"

"Greg, where’s this coming from?"

That’s when our friend started venting about the competition, low prices, poor market quality, increasing client demands, and price wars. He explained how it’s becoming harder to make a living. He has to offer his services for less and deliver more.

"It’s hard to beat endless competition," Greg continued his confessions "and then there's dealing with picky clients and ever-increasing costs of doing this job. Today, there are hundreds of contenders for just one assignment. How can you make money? How can you stand out?"

Does this story sound familiar?

We will answer the questions Greg asked us. The questions you are asking yourself.

The questions you SHOULD be asking.

By the time you finish reading what we’re eager to share with you, we wholeheartedly believe you’ll be thankful you ended up here.

Are you a photographer? Want to become one?

Looking for a way to earn a decent income in this industry?


In the following section, you'll learn what to do if you find yourself in one of these situations:

  • You've been caught up in price wars and you're fed up. You'll discover how to finally move up to the big league and work on unique projects that could earn you tens of thousands of dollars.

  • You count your competition in the local market by the thousands and no longer have the energy or resources to stand out. We'll show you what you can do to not only be unique but, most importantly – profitable.

  • You're not earning as much from photography as you'd like and you're hitting a glass ceiling? We'll prove to you that every photographer can earn tens of thousands of dollars or even more.

  • You're afraid you'll have to invest thousands of dollars again in equipment or training. We guarantee you don't need to invest tens of thousands of dollars, spend years learning to acquire specialized skills, or hire additional people to start earning money as early as tomorrow.

Additionally, you'll learn:

  • How to quickly add a tool to your offering that has allowed us and our clients to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. We will present this solution to you in a straightforward and detailed manner.

  • How you can increase your chances of getting assignments for standard photographic services.

  • How to stand out from the massive competition and join the few who work smart, not hard. How to be among those who can earn tens of thousands of dollars ON A SINGLE ASSIGNMENT.

  • You'll learn how you can diversify your income so that it brings you money every month. And that will give you something priceless and very rare in the work of a photographer – SAFETY and SECURITY.

  • How to enter the world of innovation, modernity, immersion, 3D, and prestige. And all without the need to invest years of learning and hundreds of thousands of dollars!

You're a photographer. Yes?

We're going to ask a controversial question.

How is it that some earn huge money

while others scrape by?

What's the difference between someone who earns a thousand dollars by working two hundred hours and someone who earns the same amount by investing just one day of work?

You probably invested thousands of dollars in:

  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • A website
  • Hosting
  • Education
  • Software
  • Computer equipment
  • Accessories
  • Storage media
  • Etc.

And then what?

Suddenly, it turns out everyone can be a "professional photographer." Just buy any camera, and you can add “photography” behind your name.

And you don’t even have to be good. You just need to be CHEAP.

Today, clients take photos with iPhones. Do you think another certificate or another lens with beautiful bokeh will impress them?

Their iPhones also "do beautiful bokeh," and a certificate is always less important than the price for the service.

These are the times we live in. You see it, right?

Sound familiar?


You have to agree with that.

It turns out, many camera models take photos that are really sufficient for clients. And are you aware that photo shoots done with iPhones or other high-end smartphones have become the norm?

Isn’t that frustrating? Maybe, maybe not, but it definitely makes it harder to run a business in this industry.

Just stay with us until the end

and you’ll learn how you can start on the fast track

to becoming an independent professional or expand your service portfolio

with a fantastic and profitable tool today.

Now is your chance.

You can expand your offer in the area of photography and join the growing elite of professionals. Those who pursue a different kind of photography.

We'll discuss this solution in more detail later.

This is a unique chance for you.

An opportunity that comes very rarely. And we believe you should take it. If you want to learn more (because maybe you don’t know us yet), definitely give yourself a chance and keep reading. It’s just a few minutes that could turn out to be the best investment you've made in years.

It's worth it!

And why are we so sure about this?

Let us explain.

First, some context and reasons behind the current situation in the industry, as well as forecasts.

In this part of our proposal, we will address and discuss the following issues:

  • Why we are in an era of drastic changes in the photography industry and how it will affect all photographers? You included.

  • What is responsible for these changes and how can you use them to your advantage?

  • Why traditional methods of acquiring new clients no longer work? And no – it's not the photographer's fault. Then whose? We'll clarify.

  • What three major revolutions in the photography industry have led to the current situation?

  • What are the forecasts for the photography industry and why is there no time to waste?

  • Why is knowing this crucial for your development in the photography industry?

Many experts and aware photographers predict

that this is the end of an era in the industry.

Are they right?

Yes! And we will prove it.

But is this the moment when most photographers will sell their equipment to buy bread?

Unfortunately, for many, yes!

Whether you like it or not, as a photographer, you’re facing significant changes.

And it's up to you whether you'll profit or lose.

You might be thinking:

  • I need to educate myself more
  • I need to invest more
  • I need to stand out

Right! Yes, you're correct.

But that only makes sense if not everyone else is doing the same.

  • Your competition takes courses.
  • Your competition buys lenses and attachments.
  • Your competition does marketing.
  • Your competition advertises on portals.
  • Your competition lowers prices.
  • Your competition works harder and longer.
  • And your competition advertises themselves right under the postings of potential clients. On queries where the responses often number in the thousands.

And to a potential client, you are just one among a throng of thousands of others.


Today, offering your services feels like casting for the latest Marvel superhero movie.

Thousands of candidates. Each one unique.

But there's only one role.

A touch of nostalgia

Did you know that once upon a time, the profession of a photographer guaranteed prestige, money, high professional standing, and expert status?

Maybe you remember this? Or have heard about it?

Did you know that this profession required years of learning? Years! And only a few managed to become experts. It was a hard and challenging profession for an elite group.

Well. These times are history. They're not coming back. Never!


For a very simple reason:

The photography market has undergone three powerful revolutions in the last few decades that turned a skilled craftsman into a producer of photos for mere cents.

What three revolutions transformed

the photography industry?

And what impact does it have on you and your business?


The first photographic revolution

This was the wonderful and miraculous digital transformation. Countless hordes of amateurs suddenly gained unlimited access to tools that could produce an endless number of photos practically without cost.

If you've ever worked with slides or negatives, you know that each frame COST MONEY. The results were only visible AFTER the film and photos were developed.

That’s why back then, photography services HAD to be expensive. It was an EXPENSIVE service. And every photographer was an expert, a craftsman. And was respected.

Only a qualified expert would take on a commission because clients couldn’t afford mistakes.

Suddenly, within just a few years, anyone could append “PHOTOGRAPHY” to their name.
Those who didn’t adapt to the new reality ended up in the dustbin of history. Remember Kodak? Exactly. And that was a global giant in our industry.


The second photographic revolution

A camera in every pocket, that is, the era of smartphones and social media.

A marvelous change that turned everyone with a phone in their pocket into a photographer.

Today, the cameras in top smartphones take truly wonderful photos because, unlike the photographic sector, the phone industry develops dozens of times faster.

Those who did not adapt to these changes had to vanish from the industry and were doomed to oblivion.


The third photographic revolution

We are in the midst of it right now.

And you either use it to your advantage, or you'll share the fate of those millions of skilled professionals who refused to accept the fact that THE WORLD IS CHANGING, and every change should be seen not as a threat, but as an opportunity for success.

We’re talking about AI. Artificial Intelligence.

Today, AI applications can do in a few seconds what, just five years ago, required experts in photography, lighting, makeup, and set design.

A standard photo session required models, assistants, lighting technicians, etc.

Budgets were in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And today? Anyone can generate a photo in a few seconds.

While sitting on the toilet!

It really doesn't matter if you're a professional, what your name is, what achievements and portfolio you have.

Do you know why?


And if a client has the option between a service that costs a lot of time, tedious preparations, and thousands of dollars, and on the other hand can choose an almost free result, they will ALMOST ALWAYS choose the latter.

But you'll say:

AI is not that accurate. It doesn't generate images as well as a photographer would.

Well. You are partly right, because how accurate the image generated depends on who is giving the command to the Artificial Intelligence.

That is: whether the image will be good or not depends not on the photographer, but on Prompter. The one who enters the commands.

And remember: AI learns millions of times faster than humans.

And people are also learning how to input the right prompts so that AI understands them.

So what if it’s artificially made?

Does it make any difference? What’s important is that it sells and is practically free.

Now do you understand?

It may be painful and infuriating for many of us, but that's the world.

That's what progress looks like.

So, use it to YOUR advantage, alright?

That's why it's worth doing something today to make yourself resistant

to the impact of Artificial Antelligence in your business.


What are the consequences of these revolutions for the industry?

Each of these three revolutions made photography services:




Each time, clients became

  • more demanding,
  • had higher expectations,
  • and bargained harder.

You probably know this from your daily work, right?

You don't believe it?

Post an ad on any platform that you're looking for a photographer.

You'll see for yourself that hundreds or thousands of those who take photos will respond.

Each one of them is a professional. Each one of them is unique. Every second one cheaper than the previous.

A real bidding war and casting for the cheapest.

The number of photographers

has increased thousands of times

in the last fifteen years.

And so has the competition and the decrease in earnings.

Summing up this section

Today, every photographer (but also graphic designers and video creators) must deal with the outcomes of three transformations:


The transition of photography into the digital age


Universal access to cameras in every smartphone


The currently evolving era of Artificial Intelligence

Let us ask you something

These will be bold and honest questions, but answer them to yourself.

Will you deny it? Fight against it? Pretend it doesn’t exist? That it’s not happening?


you’d like to hear us out and learn what you can do about it?

As a photographer, you know the market is saturated with countless individuals who've dubbed themselves “professionals”, but offer their services cheaply, work up a sweat, and don’t earn as much as they’d like to.

That is - they didn’t earn much before, but now, with the entrance of AI into the industry, many don’t earn anything at all!


So, like it or not, if you want to stay afloat, you need to DO SOMETHING that will help you enter the elite.

To be among those who can offer fantastic projects for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

We keep proving to you

that there are areas in photography where innovation,

great projects,

and most importantly

big money exist.

We can promise you that probably:

  • You will be amazed by the wealth of features and possibilities of what we have to offer.

  • You might think it's too good to be true (We often see this reaction; it's normal).

  • You will understand that you should invest in a tool and method that has allowed us and many others to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars on their passion.

  • We will give you a tool that will allow you to stand out, to become exceptional and unique instead of being "one in a million".

  • You will learn methods to become resistant to AI, which is taking over more sectors of photography.

  • You will be able to expand the range of your services and become someone who uses ultra-modern, innovative tools.

  • You will gain additional opportunities to earn money on your standard photography services.

As you have already guessed,

we suggest you take a closer look

at the CMS4VR system.

What is the CMS4VR system?

It is a unique and fully original server application for PHOTOGRAPHERS for creating and managing ultra-modern 360/VR projects.


  • Virtual tours
  • 3D presentations
  • Interactive slide shows
  • Presenting models in 3D space in a dollhouse style with full 6-dof immersion.

We will prove to you that you can earn tens of thousands of dollars with this tool. Or even more.

We have been earning with it for over a decade. Our clients consistently earn.

Today this opportunity is in front of you.


we offer you a UNIQUE TOOL,


intended for someone who wants to become a professional.

This tool allows you to create unique and expensive projects.

Thanks to our application, you'll be able to meet the needs of clients that no other solutions in the industry can satisfy (We will prove this thesis!).

We guarantee that from today, you can start creating breathtaking projects valued at tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Think we're exaggerating? Want proof?

For this project, the client paid (converted to dollars): $22.000 *

In 2017. 


Converted into today's money value it is: $37,000.


* The amount provided is public, in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and can be verified. March 2024 currency conversion.

As a photographer, you've undoubtedly heard about the 360/VR industry.

If you're an enthusiast of new technologies, you've surely seen some spherical panoramas or virtual tours.

It's a branch of the photographic sector that's linked with a visual way of conveying information.

In short: the 360/VR industry is one of the most innovative methods of presenting:

  • spaces,
  • buildings,
  • tourist areas,
  • cultural and
  • investment zones.

The list goes on.

What's important is that spherical panoramas and virtual tours have been around for decades.

They have proven to be excellent and interactive methods of presenting content.

They are innovative, interactive, animated, three-dimensional, interesting, engaging, VR friendly.

The 360 industry has evolved over decades, and why now is the perfect moment to join it.

And as usual - the early bird catches the worm.

And those who hesitate miss the opportunity.

The decision is yours! And you will make it today!

You may be asking yourself a question.

Can you really make money from this?

Our case and our clients' reports prove that this is absolutely true.

But both we and they operate in a completely different model than the rest.

One that gives clients exactly what they expect, what they want, and what they value.

And for which they are willing to PAY.

Today, it's completely different from before.

Gone are the "prehistoric" times when one could offer a virtual tour, consisting only of 360 panoramas and a simple interface, for big money.

Just as today's phone must do more than just make phone calls, as it used to.

That's definitely not enough anymore.

That's why, among other reasons, it's so hard for amateurs to immediately reach an advanced expert level in the 360 field.

Today's client in this industry is completely different from the one a decade ago.

Why is it so hard to become an expert?

Because today, EVERYONE can make panoramas. All it takes is a 360 camera for a few dozen dollars.

However, when it comes to software and a system for displaying such panoramas, that's a whole different story.

Today, you have to be at the TOP OF THE WORLD to match the solutions that clients want. And clients are picky.

For many years, we have observed that

the market of providers in this industry has split into two groups.

The first group

Offers mass-produced and cheap services.

This group, accounting for over 95% of the market, consists of amateurs.

From our point of view and that of our clients, they have nothing to offer.

The second group

This is a small circle of professionals who carry out the most advanced and modern projects for demanding clients.

We know this from firsthand experience, having been actively in the market since 2004!

Twenty years in the saddle! Without a break! And we've always been part of the second group.



The city of Zagan paid us (converted to dollars) $32,500 for this project.
Yes. On one project! Without a line of code.

Only the CMS4VR system and photography.

Additionally, the client paid over $42,000* for additional services, such as:

  • Drone photography
  • Photogrammetry
  • Designing of two 360/VR games
  • AudioGuide system
  • Gigapanoramas
  • Reproductions of paintings and equipment.

As you can see, if it weren't for CMS4VR, we wouldn't make money not only on the virtual tour, but also on side services.

Everything in the field of photography.

* The amount provided is public, in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and can be verified. March 2024 currency conversion.

You might be facing the most important decision of your career:

  • Follow the path of an amateur and earn little to nothing, sustaining yourself solely on your passion?
  • Or choose a different path and become a successful professional who offers unique solutions?


You see now that you can earn a lot and become unique. And by offering the latest generation of virtual tours, you can offer great, market-unique solutions.

And to clients who have the money and the need to move their offerings online.

In fact, the list of potential clients is long:

  • Cities
  • Museums
  • Cultural institutions
  • Archives
  • Art galleries
  • Tourist attractions
  • Stores and malls
  • Universities and schools
  • Hotels and guesthouses
  • Investors and developers
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Companies and corporations
  • Airlines
  • Sports facilities
  • Golf courses
  • Etc.

The list is much longer. Your creativity determines who you propose a project built on the CMS4VR system to.

The system we offer does not require any prior knowledge or expertise.

You don't need to graduate from any schools, have a collection of diplomas, or years of experience in IT departments.

The system that could be your money-making machine is entirely NO CODE.

You don't need to code anything.

Can you handle a camera? Then you'll handle this just fine.

Later, we will describe more details on how it works and what you need to start earning by tomorrow.

We have important news for you below

Expand and read

Warnings before entering the 360/VR industry!

Since we promised honesty, we must warn you.

We need to alert you right away about two terrible traps that have already brought down hundreds or thousands of businesses in this industry.

And they prevent the rest from growing because they don't provide what the modern, demanding client expects.

Trap #1

SaaS solutions

(„free” or paid).

You might come across websites that offer to upload your panoramas for free. If you're in the industry, you surely know them. If not – you don’t need to.

There are many websites that charge a regular fee for this.

As a hobby or for amateur purposes? It's okay.

But for business purposes?

These sites lured tens of thousands of users who began offering virtual tours in the market.


And then?

We've seen how many powerful services, on which thousands of “businesses” were based, folded their servers overnight.

What worked yesterday stopped working today.

We know how irresponsible this is, but unfortunately it still happens.


You can take the easy route and base your entire 360 business on uncertain and/or expensive SaaS solutions.

And don't be fooled by “free” sites that catch those who make panoramas.


With SaaS solutions, you give up independence and security.


For a simple reason: these are services that are carried out beyond your control.

  • Foreign brand
  • Foreign domain
  • Foreign server
  • No certainty and above all
  • No real guarantee of safety

As a professional, you know well that the most common arguments of serious clients are:

  • Security
  • Independence

Neither was, is, nor will ever be in any SaaS model


We don't know about you, but we couldn't sleep at night knowing that the site where we store our projects and our clients' projects could suddenly disappear.

And no – it's not a fantasy, because such situations have already occurred in this industry.

Roundme. The most "reliable and safest" SaaS for professional 360/VR projects. Many years on the market. Thousands of businesses. Hundreds of thousands of panoramas.

And what?

From one day to the next: Stopped working.

The domain and all links suddenly promote dubious sites and adult gambling.

Can you imagine something like this happening suddenly to your clients?


If you think this is a one-off, think again. We have seen many such cases.

And to be clear: we're not against SaaS models.

For amateurs, hobbyists, they're okay.

If you're aware that you could get a 404 error at any moment or suddenly receive an email that you now have to pay, then it's okay.

You accept that.

But for business?

According to us - absolutely not!

We've always known that security and independence are what not only we expect but every serious client does too.


Nearly 100% of them always set at least these conditions:


I want to have the virtual tour installed on my own server and under my own domain.


I want to manage it online by myself without having to order a service.


And preferably, the operation should be cost-free.

Our commitment resulted in us quickly growing into absolute leaders of the entire industry in our region.

Meanwhile, the 360 world was moving in a completely different direction

  • Towards SaaS platforms.
  • Towards dependency on other providers.
  • Towards risk and amateurism.

You surely understand this. It's the same in every industry.

Millions paint, but there are few true artists.

There are millions who try to learn to play an instrument, but virtuosos are rare.

The same goes for writers, entrepreneurs, architects, lawyers.

In the 360/VR industry, it's exactly the same:

a whole host of amateurs operating on SaaS models and desktop programs, and a handful of those who stand out.

Today, it's even hard to count how many services tell you: send us your projects. Build your 360 business with us. For free. We want nothing from you.


They say they don't want your money TODAY.

But what about tomorrow?

From the very beginning, we believed that such a "business model" is dangerous and unstable.

We have always thought that one cannot consider oneself a professional when basing one's business and clients' projects on such dangerous and uncertain solutions.

Our serious clients weren't willing to take the risk either!

They told us straight that such a proposition is MADNESS. It's not serious treatment. And they closed their wallets to us.

Read on what happened next.

As soon as we released the second version of our proprietary system for creating and managing 360 projects, serious orders immediately began to pour in.

Finally, clients got what they expected: certainty, independence, and security.


This is one of dozens of projects that would not be implemented at all if it were to be done in a SaaS model.

In total, the client paid us over $22,000 (converted to dollars).


*The amount provided is public, in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and can be verified. March 2024 currency conversion.

Trap #2

Desktop software

Maybe you've thought to yourself:

"Why not use ready-made programs? I'll buy some software for creating virtual tours and that's it. I'll install it on my computer and work somehow."

Let's ask provocatively:

- Do you still use 3.5-inch floppy disks?

- Or CDs?

- Do you go to work in a wagon pulled by four horses?

- Or instead of a smartphone, do you use a corded telephone?

Yes. These examples are brutally blunt, but unfortunately true and to the point.
And for many, grotesque (what's a corded phone?)

If you look hard enough,

you'll find some programs that offer more or less intuitive construction of virtual tour projects on a computer.

The methodology is the same as if you were building a website in tables on a desktop program, and then uploading the whole thing to a server.

That was a great solution a decade ago, but today?

Please… It's prehistoric!

Those solutions have long been consigned to the dustbin of history, and rightly so!

Today, everything that matters is managed remotely through more or less advanced CMS or CRM systems.

Rightly, because this exactly demonstrates how programs for creating projects in the 360/VR industry operate.

Prehistoric and backward.

And we have the right to say this because we were doing it ourselves more than a decade ago, but that's long behind us. But, as it appears, not for everyone.

Let's be serious. The drawbacks of this solution are so numerous that we wouldn't finish listing them by tomorrow. But you'll get an honest summary.

In summary:

If you want to enter the 360/VR industry, there are two major threats you need to watch out for.



Websites and solutions based on the SaaS model.



Desktop programs that are decades out of date.

Enough warnings.
It's time to move on to the fun stuff.

What does the model design of innovative virtual tours look like today?

What does the model design

of innovative virtual tours

look like today?

Every, absolutely every project we implement always has our own CMS4VR system. Always! For over a decade!

As a result, clients receive a reliable system, independence, online management, free updates, and the most advanced application in this sector for building and managing 360/VR virtual tours.

The benefits are significantly more. And such that often outclass your competition.

It's very important: you don't have to give up your passions. You don't have to sell your camera and lenses.

We give you the opportunity to recharge your batteries, clean your lenses, and prep your memory cards for new assignments. You'll learn how to do that in the following sections.

It's time for even stronger arguments

that will convince the doubters.

If you want to go your own way and look for solutions on your own


Sure 🙂

Here are some examples of many

Here are some projects that would not have been created without the CMS4VR system.

Customers clearly wanted independence and online management on their OWN server.

We have plenty of such projects.



* The amounts given are authentic. They can be verified. The projects were implemented for public institutions, so the amounts are public in accordance with the Public Procurement Act. March 2024 currency conversion.

What's important is for you to understand that it's not the panoramas that sell 360/VR projects.

Anyone can make panoramas!

That's not an innovation.

Just a 360 camera, and you're done.

Panoramas are like the wheels of a car. Every passenger car has four of them. But some wheels spin on a Lamborghini, others on a Maserati, and others on a twenty-year-old sedan eaten away by rust and age.

Our CMS4VR system, which you can have today, gives you access to dozens of unique and professional tools, solutions, modules that you won't find anywhere else in the market.

They are proprietary and available ONLY in our system.

Take this chance.

What do you need to get started?

Enter the world of professional creators of unique 360/VR projects.

To accomplish this, you only need a few things:


A license for the CMS4VR system

You install the system on the server as an application (you will get all instructions). Installation is simple. It only has four steps. You purchase this from us.

The fee is ONE-TIME!


The Krpano licence

A license for the specialized krpano engine. This is the most advanced technology for displaying 360/VR projects. The license is sold separately from us by its manufacturer. Of course, our system will work without this license, meaning it is suitable for testing without a krpano license, but in such a case, watermarks will be visible on the panoramas.

You must buy the krpano license on the manufacturer's website. It's a one-time purchase.


A server and domain

You most likely already have it. However, this often isn't necessary if you work on your client's server and site. You organize this on your own.


Any 360 Camera

A 360 camera or a set for making spherical panoramas (DSLR). Although, essentially, you only really need 360 panoramas or PHOTOS. You organize this on your own. We can offer some advice on choosing a camera, but we don't sell any 360 cameras.

And that's it! Really, that's all.

After that, you only need about an hour to learn how to use the CMS4VR system.

The system is in a NO CODE model.

You have access to a powerful knowledge base, articles, tutorials, videos, a Facebook group, etc.

And what specifically will you use the CMS4VR system for?

To be clear: the CMS4VR system has been on the market since 2017. It is the most advanced server APP on the market created for designing, creating, and managing advanced virtual tour projects in a NO CODE model.

The system is fully under the client's control. It operates as an application on their server. Under their domain and brand.

But not only, because our system excels in:

  • Interactive display of photos (e-commerce).
  • Interactive display of flat maps, models, photos, diagrams. Without any resolution limit.
  • Presenting interiors and objects in a 3D model (OBJ).
  • Three-dimensional (stereoscopic) panoramas
  • Conducting video conferences directly from the 360 project interface (virtual guide, instructor, salesman, etc.).
  • Generating e-tickets for various levels of use.

Projects built on the CMS4VR system are perfectly adapted to VR headsets

Projects in VR look GREAT

You can offer virtual tours anywhere.

You are limited by your imagination.

We carried out such projects even in waste sorting plants. There is no area or field where you cannot find a client.


Virtual tours are purchased by:

  • Government institutions.
  • Cultural institutions.
  • Schools and universities.
  • Travel agencies (as advertisements for holiday spots or relaxation – excellent sales through VR headsets!).
  • Real estate agencies. Expensive homes, villas, yachts, plots, golf courses, clubs, institutes, etc. The potential is endless (an excellent model for your passive income).
  • Museums and other cultural units.
  • Hotels.
  • Art galleries (as an exhibition of their art works).
  • Investors/developers.
  • Restaurants and gastronomy.
  • Clubs and nightclubs.
  • News websites (360/VR reporting is avant-garde in on-site photography).
  • Private companies or corporations.

The possibilities are significantly broader. A well-tailored offer for your virtual tour can be presented to anyone.

Just find a problem that your 360/VR service solves, and you're set.

If you're still hesitating

Then ask yourself:

How much longer will you force yourself into solutions that not only don't bring real money but also incur a lot of costs (especially time)?

Do you want to make real money on virtual tours?

Don't you want to have time for your needs, family, passion?

Do you want to continue toiling away for a mere few dollars, competing with thousands of others for every client who wants the best, fastest, and cheapest service?

Remember, because it's very important:

a professional understands that lost money also includes money not earned.

You see that it's worth investing in something that can bring you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee !!!

After purchasing a license for the CMS4VR system, you have a full 30 days to test it out.

That's a lot of time.

And although this tool has brought us hundreds of thousands of dollars, you have the right to stop using it.

Yes – you can resign at any time. Just write to us and we will refund your money and deactivate your license without asking any questions.

We are confident in our product and you bear NO risk.

It's high time you gave yourself this chance.

Do you deserve to give yourself this opportunity?

What do we additionally provide?

Besides the perpetual license for the CMS4VR system,

you will also have access to:

For Standard licence:

  • Free system updates.
  • At least 7 additional graphic templates for your virtual tour.

    You'll surely find something for yourself.

    Designing one template costs from $480.

    Important: template updates are free!

The value of add-ons for the Standard license is: $3,360.

What do we offer additionally in the full package?

For clients who invest in the VIP license,

we additionally provide completely for free:

WCAG2.1 App Enabler

A specialized application for WCAG 2.1 requirements.


  • Adapted for people with disabilities.
  • Adapted for people with low vision – enhances the interface’s contrast and font size.
  • Automatic reading of titles, descriptions, POIs, etc.
  • Automatic navigation.
  • Full keyboard controls (mouse-free).
  • Voice control of defined functions. Voice commands can be modified in the app settings. Full support for multilingualism.
  • Voice comments of active interface elements.
  • Possibility to add your own accessibility policy (a frequent legal requirement in projects for public institutions). Full support for multilingualism.

Value: $447

Touch Screen Navigator

Disables POIs for panoramas. Enables a floating arrow and allows navigation by clicking on the screen.

Value: $197

Downloading a Screenshot

Used to take a screenshot and download the JPG file to the computer. Allows setting your own signature.

Value: $87

Master Soundtrack

Enables adding and managing background music for the entire project.

Value: $89

Lollipop Label POI

A traditional and animated interactive POI button on the panorama.

Value: $78

The Little Planet App at the Launch

Activates the so-called Little Planet mode at the start of the project (a very attractive animation).

Value: $69

New Autotour App

An advanced application for automatic touring. Independently launches the project and guides through all panoramas, activating voice messages, POIs, narrators, etc., at the appropriate moment.

Excellent for large screens, information kiosks, screen savers, or for those who don't want to operate the project themselves (most often older people).

Value: $297

Gamebox List

An application for managing Games from the Advergaming section.

Value: $39

Balloons Game

A game based on popping balloons. Scored game with varying difficulty levels.

Value: $97

Save the Christmas Game

A seasonal game. Help Santa find hidden presents in panoramas.

Value: $67

Valentine's Day Game

A Valentine's game. A mission for lovers. Seasonal game.

Value: $67

Puzzle Cubic Game

A skill game in the style of puzzles. Varied difficulty levels.

Value: $97

But you can already see that the value of the VIP license add-ons alone is nearly $5,000.

As for you, make the first step.


Before the opportunity passes you by.

Standard Version Licence - specification and price

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VIP Version Licence - specification and price

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