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In this section you will find answers to the most important questions about CMS4VR. Read carefully.

Required PHP extensions:

intl, gettext, mbstring, libxml, curl, gd (with freetype support), json, SimpleXML, xml, zip, sqlite3, pdo, pdo_sqlite

Recommended (additionally) shell_exec support (cutting panoramas on the server), ffpmeg (audio conversion) installed, exif extension (for automatic photo rotation).

The latest version of krpano: 1.20.8 (build 2020-09-15) is required for proper operation of depthmaps, POI depth, sound depth, street view transitions, etc.

The CMS4VR System works properly on the PHP version of minimum 7.0.0.

A CMS4VR krpano droplet for Mac and Windows is available here.

The CMS4VR system works in the cloud on the server where it is installed. It can be your private server or your client. The CMS4VR operation is fully automated and its operation is done with a web browser.

You need two licenses.
The first one is a krpano license, which you probably already own (you can buy it at This license allows correct operation and display of panoramas.
The second one is a CMS4VR copy license, which can be purchased in the store. You receive this license from us.

The server must meet the minimum requirements, which are best checked by sending a special php file to it. After sending the file, enter its address in the browser's address.

You can find the PHP file here.

The entire installation version of the system is located inside the INSTALL directory. This catalog should be completely copied to the server in the place where the project will be created. The installation takes place in a few steps. It is easy and intuitive. During the installation process, you enter the most important data and licenses.
This is not a required parameter, but it is very helpful because it allows you to convert any type of audio directly into the cloud. You can record and send voice memos from your smartphone. If your server does not support ffmpeg conversion and you can not enable it, all audio files must have the mp3 extension.
CMS4VR to action is not necessary. However, without this license, all panoramas will have a special watermark. For commercial and business purposes, you must have your own krpano license.
You pay for a copy of CMS4VR only once and you can use it for a lifetime.
Yes. Under your license, you can create an unlimited number of projects. But remember to protect your license key, because without it, the system can not work in the case of a leak your key to the internet, it can be deactivated.
CMS4VR contains the most modern and innovative solutions dedicated specifically for WebVR systems. Your project not only displays panoramas in VR mode, but also correctly supports the entire navigation system, solar flares, 3D sounds and selected POI types.
Yes. Our goal was to provide you with a business tool that will allow you to grow your business and earn money.
Not only krpano, but also the entire system facilities. Just like wordpress.
To some extent, the templates can be subjected to individual modification. However, we recommend that you only add templates from our repository. In the future, the template system will be significantly improved.
Yes. On as many as you want. Remember, however, that these are designs made by you under your license.
To some extent, yes. However, this is a task for those who know the complicated syntax krpano.
You must add a user to your Amazon Polly account and download special keys that you enter in the CMS4VR system.
No. Everything is perfectly matched and compatible with each other. Some plugins can be purchased separately and used outside the CMS4VR architecture.
No. The only limits are those that your server has.
Go to Settings -> Amazon Polly and enter the codes. Save Changes. Then go to Languages -> edition and select the appropriate language from the drop-down list. Save Changes. From now on, the "Get from Amazon Polly" button will appear in the add media window next to the text boxes.
Go to Settings -> Google Map and enter the Google API code. Save Changes.
You must send the file again. For security reasons, all links, links and POIs pointing to this file are automatically disabled so that there is no error in the system.
Use the password reminder in the login window. A link to change the password will be sent to the appropriate email.
Only to manage the contents of the project as administrators or editors. It is not allowed to transfer copies of the CMS4VR system to anyone else.
All updates from a particular version (eg ver 1.0) are free and will be done will be done in one click.
Yes. Go to Categories and click on Panoramas from the selected category. You will go to the list of panoramas in this category and here you can move the panoramas up or down by setting their order.
In this case, ask to enable this feature of your hosting provider. If he can not do it, simply upload the panoramas in the zip file from your computer.
Download the special droplet and place it in the krpano catalog that you downloaded from Then drag the panorama file to the droplet. After finishing the work, all files (except the panorama file) should be packed into the zip file.
Search engine robots (e.g., index all relevant and important content, including their counterparts in links, graphics and multilingual content.
Yes. There is no limit. You can install your copy of the CMS4VR system on any number of servers.
Each project is completely independent and therefore requires the installation of a separate copy of the CMS4VR system. Only in this way will your virtual tour be independent of other projects. The installation is very simple and takes about a minute.
There are no such restrictions. You can install your copy of the CMS4VR system on any number of domains. After all you have or will have a large number of clients and each of them has its own domain and server.
CMS4VR system has been designed in such a way that you can build advanced virtual tour projects without knowledge of coding and programming. CMS4VR system is extremely complicated from the programming side, therefore unauthorized interference with source codes may result in incorrect system operation. We do not recommend such action.
You do not need to install any separate databases. The CMS4VR system creates everything by itself.