Main POI system

This application manages the settings and operation of many elements of the action and interface on the side of the virtual tour.

Many settings and values can be modified and toggled in the options. Feel free to experiment.


    Apps & Games settings

    Edit detailed settings


  • Hide if not in the center
  • Main POI blur value
  • POI INFO blur effect
  • POI INFO check mark
  • POI VIDEO vr width
  • POI VIDEO check mark
  • POI VIDEO ambilight effect
  • POI POPUP check mark
  • POI PANORAMA circle size
  • POI PANORAMA radius VR
  • POI POPUP check mark
  • POI PHOTO zoom effect
  • POI PHOTO max scale
  • POI PHOTO min scale
  • POI PHOTO vr width
  • POI PHOTO blur effect
  • POI PHOTO check mark
  • POI GALLERY blur effect
  • POI GALLERY check mark
  • POI AUDIO check mark
  • POI OBJECT3D check mark
  • POI CODE check mark
  • POI PDF check mark
  • POI DOWNLOAD check mark

This application is natively installed on the system. Leave this application on! Disabling or removing this app will disable all POIs in your virtual tour project.