View from the tower

On a dolomite rock 200 m above the surrounding land, at the elevation of 634 m, there is one of the most precious cultural monuments in the Spiš region that reigns over the Spiš basin - the Spiš Castle. 

It is not just an evidence of architectural development from the 12-th to the 18-th century. With its area of 41 426 m2 it is at the same time one of the largest castles in the Central Europe.

Its history is very rich, too. The rock the castle stands on was inhabited already 40 000 years ago. A huge hill-fort of Púchovská culture was built in this area during the Christ era. 

Archaeologists only recently uncovered houses of ancient farmers and craftsmen and a big cult object. From the greatness and the organisation structure of the hill-fort we might infer that already 

at that time it had been an administrative centre of the Spiš region. Bulwarks surrounding the whole castle and crossing its biggest courtyard are visible even today. After the fort was demolished, 

another strong hill-fort was founded on a neighbouring hill Dreveník. Only then the Spiš Castle was built up.