Do you have any doubts or questions?

Probably like us, you do not like to risk entering new technologies. We also like certain investments, that's why we answer the most important questions that can appear in someone who makes panoramas, has a business based on them or wants to develop. Or he just has fears, doubts and dilemmas.

In this section we will answer all the most important questions. We will try to dispel the remnants of your doubts.

One of our most important features is openness and honesty. Before you become our customer, we must give you everything you need to make a decision. Regardless of how it will be. It's your satisfaction that's the most important thing. If you think that CMS4VR is what you need, because you want to earn more, expand your offer, speed up your work, modernize your projects, etc. great. But if you consciously make the decision that for now CMS4VR you do not need - we will support you, regardless of whether you change your mind one day. We only hope that you will work in the industry and create such modern projects as you can afford and what your clients require. Let's take care of our common industry.

If you did not find the answer to your question below or you would like to answer honestly your personal doubts or dilemmas - write. We will answer your questions. The list of questions and answers will increase.

You are ready to start?

Get ready for the growth of your business!

What business benefits will you achieve?

CMS4VR is a powerful tool that will enable you to expand, and streamline the development of your business.

Thanks to what CMS4VR offers you will be able to work faster, sell more effectively and earn more.

Surely you ask yourself a lot of questions like:

For what? Why? What's in it for me? How I earn on this? How will it help me?

Here you will find all the answers.

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For what?

We can answer this question in many ways.
So that you can earn more money. So that you can develop your business. To make your offer richer and your projects go far beyond what the competition offers.

And from the perspective of the panoramist? To create innovative virtual tours projects quickly and in a modern way.


If you want to have access to a tool that will allow you to create better, more modern and innovative projects of virtual tours in a quick and easy way, then you already know the answer to this question.

Can CMS4VR really help me?

Definitely yes! We are currently using only this system to build our virtual tours. It helps you save time, build a modern project, manage online and most importantly: make more money.

In what CMS4VR will not help me?

CMS4VR is to create a unique 360 project and it does, but it will not make perfect panoramas, photos and multimedia for you. It's your task. Your virtual tour will be unique and built with materials that you provide to the system.

Is online management OK?

We will answer with a question:
Is the management of an online website OK?

Or maybe it's better to download a project from the server every time, change source codes, reprogram codes, manually update plugins, add new items, and re-upload the project to the server after long-term tests?

You certainly notice a global tendency that today everything is aimed at online management. CMS4VR corresponds to the latest trends and market expectations.

In addition, it is very important that your clients can modify their own project via CMS4VR. This innovation can not be underestimated.

What will I gain?

A lot. First of all, apart from a very friendly system for building modern virtual tours online and manage in the cloud, you can gain time, opportunities, technology, enriched the offer, customer satisfaction and the breakout above the competition. We can calculate the benefits for a long time.

What will my clients gain?

Above all, a unique offer and a distinctive service, but not only. The list of benefits is long:
- much faster implementation of the project,
- a virtual tour in the most modern technologies,
- access to unique and proprietary solutions, plugins and components,
- independent online management!
- access to the most current system versions,
- the possibility of expanding and modernizing the virtual tour,
- and many other benefits.

We know from our own experience that customers have been asking for the possibility of independent virtual tour management for years, because they can freely modify content according to marketing plans, seasons, promotional periods and sales plans. CMS4VR is a great tool that finally answers these needs.

How can I earn with CMS4VR?

Now you can significantly enlarge the specification of your offer. This will definitely affect the price. In addition, saving time alone is a significant benefit.

And what else?
We will not advise you all, but thanks to CMS4VR you have so many new possibilities, such as: additional fee for access to the system, for transfer, for updates, for the possibility of adding new languages (or any components), for adding new panoramas, for a unique VR Menu and VR POI. We can tell a lot. No system on the market offers even such a wide range of possibilities as the CMS4VR.

From our experience, we know that the specification itself (based on CMS4VR) can raise the price up to 10 times and eliminate all competitors on the same number of panoramas.

Will my projects be better?

It depends on what you want to gain. But even if you do not care about modernity, quality, availability, innovative solutions and standing out in the market, CMS4VR will do your project in the best available solutions available on the market. It is simply designed so that it is always available in the latest technological version and adapted to the latest standards.

Even if you have used simple tools or programs to create virtual tours so far, remember that it is always worth going further and entering a much higher level of professionalism.

Will I improve my workshop?

In terms of technology, definitely yes. In addition, a number of tools and components are available at CMS4VR that go far beyond what is available on the market. The bottom line is that you do not have to spend years learning difficult programming and groping in the dark. You have these tools available right away. You do not have to be a programmer. All this is already done for you.

Will I gain the advantage over the competition?

Everyone using CMS4VR will receive the same tool. The advantage will result from your quality, the excellence of the panoramas, the climate of the project, content, descriptions, media, galleries, imagination, etc.

In contrast, all those who do not have access to their own CMS4VR system should be treated as if they did not start in this race . From the perspective of technology, innovation, system capabilities and what you gain, they simply do not count. They stay far, far behind.

My clients will not want to learn to use the next CMS

Learning the basic functions needed for your client takes half an hour or less. However, if they do not want to deal with this, well, you'll earn ... Another benefit for you.

And how do I know if my server is suitable?

Currently 98% of hosting servers meet basic requirements. Always before buying a license, you can check your own server and adjust it if necessary. To do this, download a special php file, place it on your own server and enter its address in the browser. You'll find out if the minimum requirements are met. If not - turn them on.

Download check.php zip file.

How will I convince the clients?

Having CMS4VR? Let's count ...
- Price? After all, with the CMS4VR system you can do much more projects at the same time.
- System? Who else can offer independent online management?
- Time of implementation? Ultramodern virtual tour in the most modern technologies, was once created in a month. With CMS4VR you will do it in one day.
- The uniqueness of the project? Choose it yourself; technology, system, mobility, management, pixel perfect, ... you have over 50 arguments.
- Ease of updating? Now you can add, change in the project dozens of panoramas, categories, photos, videos, settings within a few hours.

Remember that CMS4VR allows you to present your clients with a relatively cheap, ultra-modern project with a very short delivery time and a perfect system. Does anyone else is able to offer the same product?

Does CMS4VR really give independence?

Yes! This was one of the most important points when designing the CMS4VR system. There are a dozen SaaS systems on the market (of which a maximum of three are worth attention).
But ask yourself: can you run the risk of creating your own professional or commercial projects of virtual tours on foreign servers under a completely foreign brand?
We have a saying: you do not know the day or the hour ... until the server disappears, the fees increase, the license or terms of use change, the additional fees ...

And what about your clients? Do you think that they would like to agree that their virtual tour will work from some foreign domain, under a foreign brand and with a foreign logo? We do not have to answer because we know it from life.

Therefore, CMS4VR from the very beginning was supposed to work on your server or on whatever server you install it on. If you have a license - you have freedom. Do whatever you want - for life. 10, 100, 1000 or more projects? You are free. Only you have control.

Time is money. Is CMS4VR help me save time?

We will reply briefly: in the past, an ultramodern project had to be programmed up to three months. Tedious coding ... line by line. Thousands of mistakes, weeks of tests ... Some of our old virtual tours have 500 or even 1000 pages of code per ordinary book.

Currently, we do such a virtual tour in one day (we are limited only by the transfer speed). You can realize your 360 project even when you are in the field.

Later there is only a supplement to the content. Often the client wants to do it himself and with access to the system he can do it in his spare time. We hope this is enough for your answer.

I am an amateur. I can not do panoramas. How to start?

To start with, start with a 360 degree camera. The camera will do the panoramas for you. After that, all you have to do is install the system on your server and upload files. This solution is enough to create solutions for the real estate market and more.

At a later stage, you can learn to create panoramas by more advanced standards. But you will have money, time and motivation for it. Good luck.

How big is the risk?

The main risk lies with your server. How long it will work and meet the requirements, all projects will work. When it comes to the risk of buying a CMS4VR license, you can try out the online system for a certain period of time to eliminate any leftovers of your doubts.

It's only later that you can make a decision. We are from the industry. We also like check everything. In addition, you have a whole series of instructional videos at your disposal. If you have a question - ask.

For whom the CMS4VR system will not be useful?

If you do not have your own domain and server, you will not be able to use CMS4VR. If you want to present your panoramas on the Internet hobbyist and you do not want to do it under your own brand and domain only use external servers, our CMS4VR system will not be needed.

Is CMS4VR support difficult?

CMS4VR support is very intuitive. The simplicity of CMS4VR was our priority. Currently, complete with a full service training system takes us about two hours. Basic service does not even require this, just watch a few short instructional videos.

I do not want to be left alone after the purchase. Will you not leave me?

We design and offer many solutions for the 360 industry in krpano technology for years. From the very beginning, every customer could count on our help. Nothing has changed in this matter.

I am a certified Google photographer and I add my panoramas in the system of Street View. Why do I need CMS4VR?

First of all, you can already make very good panoramas. Now all you have to do is decide to significantly expand your offer.

CMS4VR offers several dozen more functions and capabilities than Google Street View. Remember that the argument in favor of Google about positioning is eliminated because everything is indexed in CMS4VR. Much more than you are able to put in Street View, so here is CMS4VR advantage.

And if you are thinking about combining both services, then we can only congratulate you on entrepreneurship. It's a great idea for you and your clients. The more you earn on the satisfaction of your customers, the more we will enjoy.

I already have a virtual tour. Is it profitable for me to switch to the CMS4VR system?

It depends on what technology your virtual tour was made of and what are your needs. Go to the features section.

What can we suggest for sure? If you have o virtual tour in the Flash technology, they should be removed immadietelyfor safety reasons. It`s best to convert it to current secure standards. 

It does not matter if you use CMS4VR sstem or less advanced solutions. Do it as soon as possible.

Do you want to ask your difficult question?

Write to us. If only we know the answer - we will answer honestly.