The CMS4VR System tutorials

CMS4VR operation of the system is very simple.

We have prepared a complete set of instructional videos for you. Below you can see how you can easily and quickly build your virtual tour.

The CMS4VR ver 1.7.0 tutorials

As you know, you can clone the entire system from version 1.7.0. Thanks to this you can create any number of new projects online in just seconds! Without sending the installer package to the server via ftp. No installation!

It can not be easier anymore.


The CMS4VR ver 1.6.0 tutorials

Each POI to the panorama can have a separate, special custom view. The film shows three ways to set your own custom view. Try it.


The CMS4VR ver 1.2.0 tutorials

Total innovation! From now on, you can add over 2,200 icons on panoramas. In various configurations. No other system provides such solutions.


In the latest version of CMS4VR, you can create thumbnails of your panoramas yourself. A great solution that has a huge impact on the aesthetics of your virtual tour.


In this tutorial, we show you how to create panoramas thumbnails directly from the screen of your smartphone.


The CMS4VR ver 1.0.0 tutorials

Unpack and upload to server

1. Unpack the entire zip folder from the cms4vr store.
2. Inside there is, among others the "install" folder. Send the entire "install" folder to the server in the place where your virtual tour will be.
IMPORTANT! Send the entire "install" folder to the server.
3. Done. Now you are ready to install the CMS4VR system.


In this video we show the installation process of the CMS4VR system.
After sending the "install" folder to the server, enter its address in the browser and follow the simple steps.


A short movie showing the functions of the main menu of CMS4VR System.
Each of the functions shown will be shown in detail on further films.

A short movie showing the functions of the settings menu of CMS4VR System.
Each of the functions shown will be shown in detail on further films.

The CMS4VR system is adapted to eight language versions. If there is no language version from your country and you bought a CMS4VR system, please contact us.

Before you start adding panoramas to the CMS4VR system, turn on the Google Map

How do you add panoramas to a virtual tour? See how easy it is.

How do you add panoramas to a project using the CMS4VR System when your server can not process panoramas?
It is very easy.
Use a dedicated tool and upload a ready zip file with panorama and basic settings.


1. Do you want to check if your server supports the panorama processing?
Download the zip file, extract it and upload the php file to your server. Enter its address in the browser and view the report. If your server does not support something, please ask your provider server to enable this function.

2. The tools for processing your panoramas are copied to your krpanotools folder only once. It must be a krpanotools version of at least krpano-1.19-pr14 (IMPORTANT)!

3. In this model, it is best to prepare each panorama in a separate folder. It will help you maintain order and save a lot of time.

CMS4VR System allows you to add any number of categories.
In addition, you can assign any panoramas available in the project to them.
You can assign each panorama to many categories 🙂



Thanks to the CMS4VR System you can build an ultra-modern virtual tour in as many as 45 language versions.

See how to add a new language to your virtual tour.


Add a description to the entire project. This is important for SEO.

Information about the project (about a virtual tour) is displayed in a different place, depending on the graphic template used.


A great convenience. If you do not have dedicated voice-over recordings, use the innovative method of automatic lector.


Project preview, or how to see online what you create in the CMS4VR System?


The CMS4VR System accepts graphic and audio files.


In the CMS4VR System you can create any number of photo and video galleries. You can assign a separate gallery to each panorama.


How to install a new graphic template in your virtual tour?


How to manage panorama information in the CMS4VR? It is very easy.


You can change the appearance of the template in a large way by setting the base colors. See how easy it is.


In this video, we show how to set the order of each category and panorama in a virtual tour project. The CMS4VR System allows easy management of their order.


Setting the panorama start view and North view.

Radar operation requires setting the north of the panorama (the module needs to know where this North is).

If you are doing panoramas with a 360 camera or a smartphone that automatically adds the so-called "Heading" (North) to the panorama EXIF, CMS4VR System will set and enable it yourself.


How do you set up a network of arrows between panoramas? That's easy. In the CMS4VR system you can set the size and angle of the arrow to any panorama in the project of your virtual tour.


You can easily describe in any language every element visible on the panoramas in your virtual tour. Each POI text has its own unique friendly link, so you can share it anywhere.


You can easily add any number of photos of details. See how easy it is.


The most advanced POI gallery. It supports video ( and and photos. You build and manage galleries in the GALERIES section.


An excellent component that has been specially developed to support surround sound. You can even adjust the angle of hearing sound!

If your server supports ffmpeg, you can upload to the server mp3, mp4, VAW, OGG, M4P, etc.

Each audio file will be automatically processed by the CMS4VR System.
You can also send audio directly from your smartphone (camera, voice recorder).


You can place a button that will display the website anywhere on the panorama in your virtual tour.


Remember that some websites block their display in frames.


A unique component of solar flares. You have up to 9 types. Your panoramas will gain a new glow and space. Adding solar flares to the CMS4VR System is very easy. See for yourself.


Do you want to put video on the panorama? it is very easy. CMS4VR has a perfect tool for this.