Examples of templates for the CMS4VR system.

The CMS4VR system can display a virtual tour projects in one of the many templates. Managing them is easy and the installation is very simple.


From version 4.0.0

Template ver 4.10

• New Google Analitycs data event (correctly counts the onclick event along with the POI title)
• Add sub title templatek "red"
• POI in VR Mode with depth as in POI video - (elements are no longer pinned to the screen but retain depth)
• Rubee red not working read automaticly - fixed
• Rubee red doesn't have voiceover icon in info popup - fixed
• video scene does not read the global audio switch - fixed
• x (close) elements normalization in VR mode


Template ver 4.09

• VR mode. After switching to a flat panorama, it does not hide the manipulation buttons - fixed
• fg_color = 000000 not working in X (close) POI photo- fixed
• VR - unable to disable POI photo - fixed
• VR as no title shows tooltip null - fixed
• VR - POI photo already has a title and description
• BTN only if there is a title and description of the POI