Why was CMS4VR created?

During many years of work on complex projects of virtual tours, guides and widescreen games, we have always been missing something that would facilitate our work and help our clients. We have often heard the question:

"How can I add anything to my virtual tours by myself?"
The answer was always one: "This is not possible without knowing the complex syntax of a professional language." It was a stereotype set up around the world that prevented the management of these projects. Virtual tours were always hermetic, closed to modernization, resistant to updating and completely useless in modern marketing solutions.
We decided to change it!


We set ourselves conditions



The system had to be able to manage all devices with Internet access. Therefore, the system had to have powerful capabilities and be based on bootstrap. We never compromised. This system was to be so perfect that we would use it ourselves.



There was no question of any entry into the SaaS system. In our industry it is unacceptable. The risk is too high. Therefore, the system had to be free of any additional, hidden fees. This is the most important condition. I pay once and I can use for a lifetime.



Each of our clients wanted to have a project on their server. Ideally under your brand, your logos, etc. Virtual tours on foreign servers under a foreign brand have never been an option. The CMS4VR system is designed to allow this. Send as many virtual tours as you want on as many servers as you like.

What is the most important task for CMS4VR?

Perhaps you do not remember how websites were handled before introducing CMS systems. The websites could only be created by professionals with extensive programming knowledge and their management required reprogramming of the code fragments and manual updating it on the server. The content management system had to be created as a response to the needs of Internet users. CMS systems have changed the Internet, because today everyone can build, manage, modify and supplement content on their website from anywhere in the world.  

CMS4VR does the same like WordPress and other CMS systems with websites, with virtual tours.